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Spa Capsule Parts and Supplies

We now offer spa capsule parts and supplies on this website.  Here at American Quality MFG, we provide warranties on all of the water massage tables and spa capsules we deliver and install anywhere in the USA.  Therefore, we have a few extra parts and supplies laying around for the Hydration Station Feng Shui, Spa Jet 2G, and Slimline O2 models. We will fill this page with these parts as we upload the photos.  

All the parts pictured here can be purchased new or used, these include:  computer screens, shocks, pads, led elements, and more. We have refurbished these types of personal saunas and spa capsules for over 10 years.   Please call or text:   800-667-9189 or email us here for a specific part for your spa capsule or a warranty question.

 view of the shower of the spa jet 2g personal sauna inside view of a spa jet 2g red lights of the spa jet 2g model
dermalife spa model with lid open 2008 refurbished Hydration Station for parts and supplies we offer to sell spa capsule parts and supplies