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Intro to Personal Saunas

Personal saunas are now found in automated spas, wellness centers, day spas, tanning salons, and homes around the USA and this website is intended to explain your options, offer personal sauna reviews, and provide a venue to buy and sell used spa capsules, water massage beds, and other automated spa equipment.  
photo of a far infrared personal sauna
Many salons have recently transitioned to more homeopathic and natural therapies like UV free tanning with sunless spray tanning, all-natural body wraps, and red light therapy sessions but there is always been a demand for sauna rooms or some type of "heat component" for patrons to detoxify through their pores.  Our mothers and fathers utilized the steam sauna pictured here for this purpose for 50 years or more, with the only advancements being the addition of "infrared" heat elements with thermostat control and the size becoming more "personal". 

The problem with this outdated sauna technology is that customers no longer respond to these antique looking saunas and want something more technologically advanced and multi-purpose.  The young generation simply rejects these personal infrared saunas as hot boxes with little value.  This thought process opened the door to a new segment of day spa services (called automated spas now) which do not require a technician to be present, making the session more profitable to salon owners and more private to clientele. 

This new additions of automated spa equipment include personal "spa capsules" like the most popular Hydration Station, and water massage beds, such as the Hydro Massage and Aqua Massage brands.  This website explains the features and benefits of both and offers refurbished spa capsules and water massage tables for sale with a 90 day warranty and free delivery anywhere in the USA.   Please call  800-667-9189   today or email us here with more questions.

The Hydration Station is the best known brand of personal "spa capsule", as they are sometimes called, and they have been well received by clients and great money makers for salon owners.  The main purpose of the Hydration Station is to prepare or "moisturize the skin for the upcoming session".photo of a used hydration station for sale

The session may be either in a tanning bed, sunless spray tan booth, red light therapy beds or prior to medical procedures like chemotherapy.  In each case, these spa capsules or medical capsules, may provide any of the following features and benefits:  moisturize skin, infrared dry heat, vibrating massage, body and face red LED light therapy, cool facial air, and aroma therapy. 

We actively buy and sell several of these used Hydration Station each month and have an active parts and repair center where we refurbish these models and resell them with a warranty anywhere in the USA.  Please call   800-667-9189 or email us here for more information about our current inventory of used Hydration Stations for sale.